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next on "msnbc sunday" -- craigslist puts the brakes on its red light district. it's the big catch, key evidence in the investigation. >> the gulf oil disaster pulled from the waters. plus, hanging with earl. surfing daredevils risk all to ride the fury of the storm. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." where it's 11:00 a.m. on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. out west. what's happening out there, a new report in the leading british paper claims iran may be financing attacks by the taliban against u.s. interests in afghanistan. according to the sunday times in london, taliban militants are getting paid thousands to carry out these attacks. nbc's tom aspell is in kabul with the latest. tom with a good day to you, what can you tell us? >> well, the british sunday times says one of its reporters has met with a taliban treasurer from wardak province west of kabul who makes regular trips into kabul to go to five iranian
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construction companies which then give him cash to carry back to the shadowed governor of wardak province, who distributes the money to taliban fighters. they each get paid about $200 a month and are given a bonus of a thousand dollars if they kill an american and $6,000 if they destroy an armored vehicle belonging to the americans. now the "sunday times" says these companies have been in existence about six months, take money from foreign donors, for reconstruction projects, send the profits back to tehran by the banking system and return some of the money to kabul to be distributed to the taliban treasurer. we contacted the taliban in wardak province, they said unofficially we have friendly relations with all neighboring countries, but officially this never happened. alex. >> to what extent might this be part of the talks that the afghan president hamid karzai says he would like to hold with the taliban? >> well, karzai has formed what he calls a peace council
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comprised of former taliban members, exjihadists and anybody who hasn't had contacts with al qaeda. he wants to talk peace with the taliban. so far the taliban are saying they are not interested until foreign troops leave afghanistan. alex. >> tom aspell in kabul, thank you, tom. the taliban in pakistan says it will launch attacks in the u.s. and europe very soon. we're going to talk with a terrorism analyst about how serious this threat is. an important turn into the investigation of the gulf of mexico oil spill. crews have lifted the blowout preventer to the surface, the piece of equipment that failed to stop gusher four months ago. let's get the latest from nbc's charles hadlock who's live in houma, louisiana, for us. good sunday morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> what do you think officials are hoping to learn from this preventer now they've recovered it from the sea floor? >> well, they've pulled it up out of the water last night, they put it on the q4000 and in the next few days they will offload it to another vessel and
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bring it onshore where investigators will comb over it with a fine tooth comb. basically they will do a mechanical autopsy on this blowout preventer and try to figure out why it failed, why it didn't prevent the explosion and fire on the deepwater horizon rig back on april 20th that claimed 11 lives and touched off the largest oil spill in american history. they will be looking for a couple of things. they're going to be looking to see if it was modified in any way that may have rendered it less effective or they're going to check to see if it was poorly maintained. if so, the government says it could file criminal negligence charges against bp or transocean. the owner and operator of the deepwater horizon rig. back to you. >> so charles, what's in its place? this is a monster thing to replace there, five stories tall a million pounds in weight. what's down there now? >> it's yellow in color and as we noticed on the video coming out, some of the yellow has been stained with black streaks. that's the old failed blowout
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preventer you're seeing on the deck. what they've put in its place is a larger, pore powerful preventer on top of the well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico but on top of that, remember the static kill, that put almost a mile of concrete into that pipe so now you have a new blowout preventer on top and yesterday the coast guard commander thad allen said that because of the new blowout preventer and the cement in the well, this well is no longer a danger to the gulf of mexico. however, he still wants bp to go ahead and with the bottom kill maneuver to make sure that the well is sealed both the top and the bottom. >> sounds like a good idea. charles had lock, thanks so much. crews in new zealand are sifting through the rubble assessing the damage of the major 7.0 earthquake that hit this weekend. as many as 500 buildings have been declared destroyed, including 90 in downtown christchurch. this morning power has been restored to about 90% of the city but mayor bob parker says it's going to be a long time before core services like the sewage system are fully fixed.
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earl the once hurricane strength storm is losing steam as he climbs north along the canadian coast. it pounded nova scotia with heavy winds over 100 miles an hour yesterday. the storm knocked out power to thousands of residents and earl is expected to curl away from north america and head out to sea by tonight. residents up and down the eastern seaboard could still feel the power of earl. this in the form of dangerous rip currents out there. in fact, in florida alone, 200 people needed rescuing yesterday from the heavy surf. the latest forecast go to the weather channel's scott williams. talk about surf's up in those pictures. >> absolutely, alex. you know surfers enjoy it, but even an olympic swimmer cannot get away it from those rip currents. we still have rip currents in the wake of hurricane earl and as we take a look at the tropics right now, fairly quiet along the eastern seaboard. we are watching two areas, one to the east of the leeward islands, that is what is left of gaston and we're watching an
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area in the gulf of mexico, so you can see right now we're watching that cluster of showers and thunderstorms moving to the west toward the leeward islands. that could redevelop into gaston and also we're watching a cluster in the southern gulf of mexico, that has a high probability of developing into something but it is close to land in the bay of campeche. fairly quiet across the nation, showers and thunderstorms will develop in the high plains. look at the temperatures a little cool, touch of fall here. in new england and also in parts of the northeast, only in the upper 60s right now. boston, new york city, atlanta, 74 degrees and phoenix continued hot there, highs in phoenix, 107 degrees and 79 for the high temperature in new york city for today. moving into your labor day monday, the unofficial end, of course, to summer, ending on a pretty good note as we move across the country. alex. >> i'm sure many people will say thank you. scott williams, i do too. thanks. for the latest weather updates and the forecast where you, head to back in this country one man is dead and another critically
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injured after their plane went down in dell lan no, florida, near orlando. emergency officials say the aircraft came down yesterday afternoon three quarters of a mile or so from the highway. it hit trees and power lines that came down, crashed, flipped and caused a small brush fire. officials with the faa say the men rented the plane for the day. sex no longer sells on the classified website craigslist. after years of criticism the company pulled the adult services section from the site. nbc's rosens is here with more. no more salacious details apparently. >> apparently not. craigslist appears to have finally surrendered to law enforcement and state officials. we've been reporting as you know they've been cracking down on craigslist for the past several years. they've long complained that there weren't enough restrictions and protections against potentially illegal ads promoting prostitution and, by the way, child sex trafficking, another big problem there. if you head to the site you're going to see a black bar with
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the word "censored" where the link for adult services stood. you can see it and you can't click on it. the battle began in 2008 when 40 states attorneys general came together demanding craigslist did more to protect against prostitution. craigslist said the section allowed no virtual pimping in their words and said there were worse ads published by newspapers. they didn't stop doing anything. they altered their policy ever so slightly, started charging a fee, asking for a work number to place an ad. we did an nbc news investigation on this a year after they said they would do that and turned out basically to be the same. those ad fees by the way in that section have been a huge revenue source for the company. according to a report by "pc magazine" you can see the numbers on your screen, expected to make over $36 million from these ads in 2010. you'll probably remember the website received more criticism and a flood of media coverage last year when a medical student, you know him, philip
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markoff, arrested for allegedly killing a mu sues he met through craigslist. police believe markoff responded to the woman's ad, robbed her and murdered her. last month mar kaufr committed suicide in his jail cell. craigslist move to shut down the website comes after 17 states attorneys general wrote a joint letter demanding the website close the section once and for all. we do not know whether this is permanent, whether this is temporary, whether this is even just craigslist sending a message to its critics. craigslist has not responded to any calls for comment by any news organizations. nor have they put out a press release. we don't know, alex, whether this is here to stay or adult services is coming back. we'll keep an eye it for you. >> thanks so much. a late summer barbecue turns into a nightmare without any warning but it could have ended much worse. joyful reunions of the heart for those trapped miners in chile.
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a barbecue turns into a near disaster this deck in philadelphia came crashing down yesterday. seven people were hurt, including a 3-year-old little girl and she suffered minor burns when the grill overturned on her. how horrifying. authorities are trying to figure out what caused that deck to give way. new word from a top democrat this morning, if his party were to hold off a republican challenge this fall. speaking earlier, dnc chairman tim kaine says the polls may be against them but democrats are sticking to their message. >> i will admit to you the polls are challenging right now. they've been challenging for other democratic leaders in the past. we believe if you do the right
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things, over time they're going to work. >> let's bring in jonathan, msnbc political analyst author of best-selling book "the promise president obama year one." good morning to you. >> hi, alex. >> here's the problem with tim kaine may have said, over time. how much time do the democrats have before the mid terms to turn thing around? >> they've only got two months. >> in political speak that's not time. >> it is. it's not time for new economic data to work into the minds of voters but an awful lot can happen in politics two months is a lifetime, alex. for people to say write the democrats off right now, and say the republicans are taking over, is almost ridiculously premature. could it happen? could the republicans take over? absolutely. there's a decent chance of it happening. don't underestimate obama's competitive nature and i think you're going to see, some tricks up his sleeve.
11:16 am
the hints that i'm getting are the white house is that there are going to be surprises in the offing. >> but i'm wondering if what might change in terms of this political climate from now until november. has more to do with the gop potentially becoming too cocky? >> i think that's a problem. >> less to do with democrats can do to fix things. >> they can't do that much to fix things on the substance. there isn't time for that. but politically, there's a lot of time for maneuvering and for the democrats to explain as they're beginning to try to do, that it really is a choice between tax cuts for the wealthy and, you know, rebuilding america. that's the basic choice here. i don't think the white house or the democratic party has done a good job even a fair job, of framing this issue. but there's time to do that. i think you might see a debate over debates. you might see some debate this fall which we haven't seen
11:17 am
before in mid-terms where you can conceivably see, you know, obama and biden versus mcconnell and boehner. and then they might say -- >> interesting. >> show up. if the republicans don't want to show up, then suddenly they're on the defensive. so there are a lot of things you can do politically. also a lot of these races are local. and they involve issues that we don't really talk about very much, but are of great importance to people on the ground in these various congressional districts and states where there are senate campaigns. to make these kind of broad sweeping predictions right now i think is premature. >> hypothetically i'll say were the house to be overturned or even the senate to be overturned, i know that's a greater stretch by most assessments, were either to happen, how much does that change president obama's agenda, how much does that create grid lock in washington for the next couple of years? >> a lot. i mean if there is a change of control, even one chamber, will
11:18 am
have very different political environment. the most significant thing is that you will see in the republicans have promised if they take over, there will be investigations, probes of the white house, we'll be back to lots of subpoenas, lots of so-called scandals on various things. you'll have gridlock, not a lot will get accomplished until the 2012 election. so some people might say, might vote republican, because they want to check obama and prevent him from doing -- getting anything else done. others might say, well, does that do us any good right now to just kind of stand still? i think the big -- the two big issues, alex, will be is this a referendum on obama or is it a choice between two paths for the country. if it's a referendum on obama the republicans will do very well, thumb's up, thumb's down on obama, republicans will do well.
11:19 am
if it's moving in one direction versus going back to what bush did, then you have a very different frame on the election. and, you know, the other big question is, whether you can introduce the country more to the new republican leadership. speaker boehner. we need to get an idea of what that would mean, what kind of a man is john boehner. what kind of a man is mitch mcconnell. how would he lead the senate, what are their priorities for the country. as those come into sharper focus and as the republicans get a little cocky, they might find the country doesn't like those folks much more than they like barack obama right now. >> okay. we love you jonathan. no disputing that. thank you very much for joining us. >> love you too, alex. >> president obama year one. still ahead if you're waiting until autumn to go on vacation, haven't decided where to go, we'll direct you to some fall travel bargains next on "msnbc sunday." that used to ma. my eyes water.
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are you putting food in your office rerefrigerator? listen up, researchers say that fringe can be frightening filthy, dirtier than office rest rooms. a survey finds 22% are cleaned only once or twice a year. if you're unsure how long you've had something in the refrigerator throw it away. we're halfway through labor day weekend and it could be a busy weekend for travel. busier than in past years. aaa projected the number traveling this weekend will increase 10% from 2009. perhaps too late for some of us to get away but let's look to the fall with charlie, who joins us from washington, d.c. charlie is the director of the consumer travel alliance. good sunday morning to you. >> hey, good morning to you, alex. >> you took a look at the web there, found some pretty impressive prices. i want to chat about domestic deals that you have to share. where can you find them and where are they going and how much? >> you know, you said you want
11:24 am
node talk about this. i went on-line quickly and from washington, d.c., to st. petersburg, florida, to stay at a hotel right on the beach in the middle of october, over a long weekend, with a direct flight, you can do it for, if you go as a couple, for less than $350 per person. and that's a pretty decent deal. or you can fly from let's say chicago, and go out to somewhere like reno, nevada, where you've got lake tahoe, i know you love lake tahoe. >> sure do. and you can do that whole thing for about $400. and that's the same four-day weekend, extended weekend, air and hotel included. if you want to get a car if you go to one of the inexpensive car places i mentioned and talk about such as ace or payless and so on, you can get a car for just over $100 and travel around the lake. or on the far west coast, you can, you know, fly out of los angeles and go to albuquerque for a long weekend or up to
11:25 am
seattle for long weekend and spend about the same amount of money. >> kachltokay. >> those are options. >> they're good ones. you don't have to go anywhere though. one of the great options avoid airlines, avoid the hidden airline fees, avoid the tension, and stay home. go somewhere that you haven't been before. if you live in d.c. go out to monticello. if you live in l.a., go up to mammoth lakes. if you live in denver, take time and go up to aspen. where you might not go there normally. it will be inexpensive, take yourself out to dinner every night, you will not have the has les of air travel. >> you let the cat out of the bag about mammoth, it's not super poll plated. to europe, though. charlie, affordable flights to get there? >> oh, forget about it. >> yeah. >> nose it's not much affordable there at all. one company which is one of my favorite is auto europe.
11:26 am
i always get my rental cars through them. they have great deals and guarantee lowest prices and teamed up with hotels and have rental car hotel deals, so that's kind of a lot of fun. and you can still get a good deal in europe, once you get on the ground it's not that much more expensive than here in the united states. the problem, once again, is getting there and dealing with the airlines and all the extra security you have to go through. it's kind of a pain. >> can i ask you anything about avoiding the extra airline fees that pop up all the time? anything you can do about that? >> well, the real problem is, i would like to tell you how to avoid them, i don't know what all of them are. i've had friends who have been flying for years and say charlie, would you sign me in. there's another fee. they hide the airline fees, they don't tell travel agents what the fees are. they specifically don't want them to know. so, you have to ask the airline and they don't tell you until the last minute. >> thanks a lot, folks. we do thank you, in all sincerity, charlie, thank you so much. >> take care, alex.
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>> you too. >> let's go to today's long-awaited list of number ones. first, a salute to alabama farmer right there who thinks he's grown the biggest waterer melon ever. it's 56 inches around, 41 inches long and weighs 210 pounds and he's trying to get certification from agriculture officials for his melon there. let's go to the usa celebrity heat index and look who's on top this week. actor brad pit getting lots of attention for his foundations work to help victims of hurricane katrina. pitt's better half angelina jolie tops the usa celebrity heat index for august. found her self in the spotlight taking her twins to hungary to scout locations for an upcoming project. katy perry is not only dominating the charts but turning heads. she is the top ranking american about best celebrity bodies. outbods rihanna and jenny fer annie stan. rihanna and eminem claims the
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number one, "love the way you lie" tops the song list. usher up to his ways again, "deejay got us falling in love again" the most downloaded on itunes and those are your number ones on "msnbc sunday."
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[ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. travelers. take the scary out of life. it's "msnbc sunday," aim alex witt. here are your fast five headlines. investigators looking into the gulf oil disas ver the blowout preventer to analyze for clues about what caused the deadly accident. craigslist has eliminated its adult services section. the move after 17 state attorneys general wrote a letter to craigslist to complain about illegal activity stemming from postings. a report in london sunday times says five iranian companies in kabul, afghanistan, are secretly funneling money to taliban militants to fund
11:32 am
attacks on nato forces. inspectors in christchurch, new zealand, check outing the safety of buildings in the wake of yesterday's powerful earthquake. schools have been ordered closed for two days while buildings are examined. and triple-digit temperatures and low humidity blamed for five los angeles area wild fooifs that broke out yesterday. they are contained and those are your fast five headlines. few things of major political parties agree on these days and that includes predictions for the midterms. on "meet the press" david gregory asked lindh say graham and former obama campaign manager david plouffe, will their respective party comes out ahead. >> if the election were held tomorrow it would be. there are a couple months to iggo and at the end of the day i don't know what their agenda is going to be between now and november, what they've done in the past no one seems to like. >> we have big majorities so we're going to give some of that back. i think we can maintain control in both chambers. >> nbc's mike viqueira live at
11:33 am
the white house for us, good sunday morning to you, mike. >> good morning. >> both sides are put a confident front out there. do you get a sense of what the white house is thinking? >> well, let's first of all talk about what lindsay graham says. he doesn't know what the white house is going to be do between now and november but we have some inkling to that and much to the happiness of some democrats the white house is turning its attention to the economy and trying to do something to make it better. the stimulus was supposed to do that and to a certain extent it did. the white house says independent surveys say it saved or created 3.3 million jobs, knocked a couple percentage off the unemployment rate, but people are not buying it. clearly david plouffe had to admit and robert gibbs admitted on "meet the press" some weeks earlier, the republicans stand to gain control of the house of representatives and increasingly people are talking about republicans having a shot at senate, even though they would have to run the table to do that. now the president turning to the economy, trying to bolster the chances of democrats as a side
11:34 am
benefit to that, tomorrow he heads to milwaukee. it's a speech before the afl-cio on labor day and wednesday heads to cleveland, a swing state, the same city where john boehner gave a speech two weeks ago and called for the resignation of the administration's entire economic team. the president goes back there, a fact pointed out by the administration itself, to unveil some economic proposals. they are said to include an r and d tax credit, payroll tax holiday for employers, and a few others. friday he's back in washington for a press conference with where the economy is expected to dominate at the white house at some point on friday. the problems both politically and a matter of policy for the administration as they head into the midterms is whatever it is, the president puts forward, is not likely to be passed by congress. they're not going to be here much longer before they head out on to the mustings to campaign for their own re-election and election and if it did it would not have an effect on the
11:35 am
economy in the short term any away. is the public's mind seth baked in. michelle obama, the first lady, will be out on the campaign trail at selected areas to try to motivate democrats, part of the problem that democrats have had is that so-called enthusiasm gap. republicans have all momentum because their voters are fired up. all the democrats are not. >> mike viqueira, appreciate that. catch that full interview with senator graham and david plouffe here on msnbc, at 2:00 p.m. eastern. the oil stopped flowing into the gulf of mexico since mid-july but the protests continue. demonstrators gathered outside the white house yesterday to focus attention on the devastation caused by the bp oil spill. protesters say they don't believe the water is safe and calling on president obama and congress to act. >> the president and congress need to know that the gulf is not okay. the people are not okay.
11:36 am
they need to stand up and to protect the citizens of this nation before they would protect. >> the explosion avoid the deepwater horizon killed 11 workers, led to 206 million gallons of oil spews from the undersea well. the 33 miners trapped underground in chile are talking to their relatives above for the first time video conference this weekend. family members say they were delighted to talk to their loved ones trapped below. the miners may not be out of the mine until december. meantime four survivors after 1972 plane crash featured in the movie "alive" are also visiting with those family members this weekend. they're delivering messages of hope and support. the men were members of a rugby team from uruguay when their plane crashed on a snowy mountain and 16 of 45 survived after spending about 2 1/2 months on the mountain. let's go to a new terror threat against the west. the taliban and pakistan, is threatening to launch attacks in
11:37 am
the u.s. and europe very soon. that's in quotes. the u.s. just added the taliban in pakistan to its list of foreign terror organizations on wednesday. jack rice is a criminal defense attorney and former cia officer. jack, good sunday morning to you. >> great to be with you. >> i'm glad you're here. talk about what white house is doing, blaming this organization known as the ttp, for the failed car bombing in new york times square back on may 1st. is ttp capable of making good on its threat? >> well, it appears they are. we don't know really if the capability goes that far. if we think about two things they may have been involved in. the attack in afghanistan, logistically that was close. that was much easier in terms of what it was they were doing. they're based in the northeastern, northwestern areas of pakistan. but the effort that they made in madison square garden with marginal at best in times square, that area was marginal in terms of what they did. it's hard to know whether or not they can reach as far as europe, as far as the united states, with a legitimate if you want to
11:38 am
call it that threat. >> i'm curious as to the i guess aftermath of what happened on wednesday with the group officially being designated foreign terrorist organizations under the u.s. law. in practical terms what does that get one? >> what it really does is it articulates that it tries to take disorganization, like it will the ppk, like it will al qaeda, like it will al shabaab and others, and tries to isolate them because now when you designate an organization as a terrorist organization, anybody who gives any material support, if they're trying to raise money, trying to get support in any other sense it makes that a crime. and so ultimately what they try to do is isolate them and keep them from others. but you know what there's a downside to that. what it does, it gives them a lot of platform, it gives them name recognition and in many ways that's exactly what they want. that's the downside. >> yeah. let me tell you what reuters reporter says having spoken with a leader of the ttp on the phone. here's the quote from that. from this leader, the u.s.
11:39 am
listing of ttp as a terrorist organization is a sign of them being scared. it shows the u.s. and its allies are scared of us. it's a point of pride to be on the u.s. terror black list. >> you know you're absolutely right. as a criminal defense attorney besides as a former cia officer i've had a lot of clients involved in gang activity, national gang activity in the past, they're very proud of it. they will put ink on their skin to show they have this affiliation. maybe it's a human nature thing. when you a connection sln to something you're proud of you want everybody to know it. when the u.s. puts the stamp on these guys, all of a sudden they can say look who we are, look what we're doing and that actually helps them while it quote/unquote hurts them. wild. >> it is kind of wild. i'm curious which group you think has a better chance, though, of attacking the u.s. on our domestic shores, not necessarily oversea interests, al qaeda, ttp, i mean which one of the two has better potential?
11:40 am
>> probably al qaeda in this sense. but i mean this is the weird part of it. if we think about all of these organizations they are all interlinked. you ttp, you have al qaeda, al shabaab, you have other organizations around the world, hezbollah, hamas. you tie them together and they all reach across lines. sometimes you have people who are involved in both. one can pull a string and the lever lifted in another country, in another place. it's very hard to say if we smash down, if we crush this organization, will it make any difference? nobody particularly knows because it will rise up out of the ashes like a phoenix, some place else in the world. >> jack rice, sobering thoughts, we thank you for sharing them as always. >> you bet. >> appreciate it. we're getting to this, everyone. just so you know, state and local governments will now get first dibs on buying most foreclosed homes. major mortgage lenders agreed to that under a federal housing program aimed at stabilizing neighborhoods. governments would get a 1%
11:41 am
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riding out the storm, our next guests got up close and personal with the storm named earl. check out this video, shot by mike of nyc productions and against the warnings from authorities the pro surfer decided to take his board out off the coast of rhode island.
11:45 am
i got these two guys sitting right here. we're dying to know what it was like. skudin joins us with mike. i spoke with you about the actual surfing. you're the one taking these pictures off of a jet ski in rough waters, big waves. how are you doing it? >> one hand on the throttle, one hand on the camera looking at where will is all the time and making sure i'm not going to get hit by a wave. waves that come from every direction that can swing live to hit where i am, a matter of getting on the jet ski. >> can you surf? >> i can surf. what you guys do, it's beyond me. >> what's grabbing the rope? >> we tow into the wind. we get so mixed up, it was hard to sit in one place, grab the rope, let go of the rope, grab
11:46 am
the wave. mike, what he's doing, we're riding the waves but he's putting himself on the line just as much. he's getting up close and personal. he has to have eyes in the back of his head and on the camera, driving with one hand, shooting with the other. >> and you have to look around not only focusing at what you're shooting, but looking around to make sure you don't get hit by waves as you said. this is a hurricane, and i'll grant you, you guys got some kind of a thing about you that not a lot of us can relate to, but that said, when authorities are telling you do not go out there in the water, do you ever worry about any sort of retribution, legal action, arrests, that kind of thing? could that happen? >> this is what we do for a living, this is how we make money. we're not trying to say go out there and surf big waves to people. we're professionals. we don't condone this to anybody else. we found a launch ramp where we were incognito away from everybody else and drove far from our jet skis. >> i know what was interesting for you, this is almost an be
11:47 am
emotional high as well, surfing this. because this is like in your back yard, you don't often get to do that. >> not at all. it's nice to do it around here. >> you have to go around the world to get these great waves. you don't get this off long island. >> to drive, what -- >> three, four hours. >> three, four hours to get waves of this size doesn't ever happen. >> how long was the window that you had to do this? you lad to get yourself on to a shore that was going to be south fa facing, how long did you have before you said let's go, this is it. >> we did the planning the night before. we spent the entire day friday getting everything ready, driving up and we knew we had to be on it before the wind got there, before the storm got too intense up there and too windy. the window, probably a solid six, eight hours. >> what time of day were you surfing? >> we were out there, at light and we just stayed out there all day. we actually rigased the skis halfway through the day.
11:48 am
what happened is it fizzled out by the time it got up to us. it packed the punch as big as it was with all the swells, but by the time it got up to us our window opened up because the wind died out. we were only expecting to have an hour, maybe two, and the wind died out, the thing fizzled but we got the swell of it and we were very lucky that winds were light. >> so mike, great video here. what are you going to do with it now other than showing it on msnbc, what do you do with it? >> probably put it up on a couple internet websites and just keep it here. >> let it rip. >> yeah. >> how cool am i, not. alex, be quiet, don't even try. mike and will, you guys thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> it's awesome to watch, i must say. thanks for sharing it. >> life is full of ups and downs and is so the news, of course. up today, lots of corporate deal making, global mergers and acquisitions occurring in august and up 24% for the year. is that good for the economy? burger king's down.
11:49 am
more than $3 billion but its business is slumping, profit down 17% last quarter while mcdonald's saw its income jump 12%. youtube prospects turning a profit for the first time are looking good. the giant is expected to make $450 in revenue this year, thanks to all the new advertising. that's a place to surf video that's for sure. ♪ the black eyed peas "i got a feeling" may be the most downloaded ever, video sales are down slipping 2% last week, down 1% for the year. we're talking about $762 million downloads there. and text messaging has become more popular, certainly not just a kid thing anymore. a pew research study shows 72% of adults now text message. that's a 7% rise in just a year. the teens are the ones doing it like mad, 81%, averaging 50
11:50 am
texts a day. the sun may be setting on the classic ipod. it was totally ignored in last week's apple presentation and hasn't been upgraded in five years or so. that's fueling even more rumors that the classic ipod will soon be a goner. and finally, things are looking up for j-lo. tmz reporting it's all but a done deal. she will get that judging gig on "american idol" will viewers embrace j-lo like paula abdul. those are your ups and downs on "msnbc sunday." [ brian ] so this is dan crane. he tweeted that he's using a wheat thin to pick his air guitar. good morning, dan. hello. do you recall tweeting, using a wheat thin to pick my air guitar? yes. this is a limited edition air guitar. whoa! [ brian ] it's a mehlenbacher hollow neck. a mehlenbacher. [ laughs ] so... oh thank you. yeah. can i get a box of picks? have at it man, let's just do it. ♪ [ brian ] can i get a windmill?
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11:53 am
new violence in the gaza strip days after the kickoff of the first israeli-palestinian peace talks. hamas says aircraft bombed three tunnels that palestinians used to smuggle goods under the egypt/gaza border killing two people.
11:54 am
the israeli military said it attacked two smuggling tunnel and a third that allowed militants to sneak into israel and said the strikes were retaliation for attacks against israelis last week. i'm joined live from washington by columnist bob franken. another good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you look at this back and forth tit for tat. the back drop for the peace negotiations, how hopeful are you that something of real substance can be accomplished? >> you can never really use the word hopeful when talking about a problem that's been with us for, you know, 60 years basically. but, you also have to go in there saying, no matter what the job stacles you got to try. when you talk about the retaliatory action against hamas we have to remember there are three parties involved here. you have the israelis, of course, you have the abbas faction of the palestinians and then the hamas faction of the palestinians which is the militant group that opposes any recognition of israel in all that. so you really have the three
11:55 am
organizations who are all part of this and the only hope, faint though it may be among the diplomats, at some point their interests will sort of meld and that's when you might be able to make progress. >> bob, when i look at what hamas is taking responsibility for doing, i wonder, how much can actually be accomplished even at the diplomatic level. let's say they even agree to things, if you have errant others determined to break up the cause for peace, individuals can disrupt this, can't they? it's that sensitive of a situation. >> well, it is, but that is a situation that exists anywhere in the world. we are always at the mercy of the extremists and the extremists unfortunately set an agenda and all you can do after their explosive action, and i use that word advicebly, to try in a very, very sometimes unobtrusive way to overcome the problems that have come up and that is to all of a sudden have the sort of self-actualizing
11:56 am
reality that's then over another period of time becomes something that people say i have it pretty good here, i don't want to go back to the ugly wait -- way it was. >> give me the outcome of a two-state solution, what kind of problems would it solve for them, the palestinians, for us here in the united states? >> first of all, the united states that's a good place to really start because the united states has such an interest in that part of the world. we are so closely aligned, quite frankly, in the world view with the israelis, although the israelis believe that we've become not closely enough aligned under the obama administration. if the united states could get out of this situation where in a large part of the world it was defined by the problems between israel and the rest of the arab world, then that might make it easier on the u.s. and its geopolitical situation. for the israelis, obviously they would say what they need is an ability to be protected from violence and the palestinians want some semblance of their homeland as they view it back.
11:57 am
>> bob franken, much appreciated, thank you so much. that is a wrap of our live msnbc coverage. stay with us for headline coverage and breaking news as it happens. we have "caught on camera." make it a great labor day weekend. ♪
11:58 am
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